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creepinwhileyasleepin - Sam O'Shea 3 days ago

So many dudes that just hate women in this thread. I thought they let the game flow impeccably, some tough calls that even the most seasoned officials would struggle with. A fantastic step for equality in football and a solid performance by the history making officials! 👌🏻

randhabogawa - Randha Bogawa 3 days ago

Dude, anyone can be the ref if they keep waiting for the camera assist to raise the flag for offside 🤦🏻‍♂️

henning_fredzell__ - Henning Fredzell 3 days ago

Haha after watching the game I understand why women don't officiate mens football games, if they dont up their game I hope that this was the first and last time women got to do this

pete_mccaff - Pete McCafferty 3 days ago

I think they did a great job, cant blame them for the pen as it went to var, and as for the late offside calls that's the rules now that's what they have to do so get over yourselves!