Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking delicous homemade meals for our family, our friends or ourselves. . Find our selection of easy eco tips to be more eco-friendly while cooking 😋 . For more details about one of those tips, visit our profile! Easy! . . . #easyecotips #tips #ecofriendly #ecotips #greentips #ecology #savetheplanet #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastelife #plasticfree #greenliving #sustainableliving #cooking #cookingtips #cookingideas #cook #energysaving #energy #kitchen #kitchenideas #baking #homebaking #rice #mashedpotatoes #homemade #food #foodporn #homemadefood @easyecotips easyecotips Easy Eco Tips

victoriadubuis - victoria dubuis 2 weeks ago

Oof I have been feeling like I could do better w my footprint and I have been getting so upset about it so this made me feel better bc I do all of this god bless 😭

janaya_webb - Janaya Webb 2 weeks ago

I stated putting a lid on my pot when I boil water because of that post. It literally is 2 times faster!!!

mariaecholshastad - Mrs Dundee 2 weeks ago

I love those posts, easy to read and follow! I need this since I rarely take time to search for information my self (which I should) but I do want to be more eco friendly in everyday life! Thank you! 😁

natalka_bovda - Nataliia Bovda 2 weeks ago

I do not even cook. Raw vegan food is good for environment and for lazy people like me. The last tip about boiling water is useful however. I try to do it precisely, but always feel guilty... because it is not necessary always to drink hot tee, there must be raw alternative

lisadaisyy - lisæ 2 weeks ago

I heard that the silicon baking mat is not good for you Health but i dont know why and if it is true. Does someone know??? :)

mysticdancer - Lisa Fladager 2 weeks ago

I cook my rice in a rice cooker! And who uses rice bags or instant potatoes? And what about that silicon sheet – is it biodegradable? And does it leach into your food? Parchment paper at least breaks down. At some point silicone is going to end up somewhere else and if it doesn’t break down in a landfill or compost heap, then ultimately it’s a bigger problem.