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issy.editss - isabel🐬| i use videostar 1 week ago

sorry but you don’t deserve fans if your not going to appreciate the hard work and effort put into edits, they can take multiple hours to make it look smooth ect and it only takes you two seconds to like it and comment something nice

saigeamv - :( 1 week ago

Imagine being inconsiderate about fans who take time out of their day to make edits for those they look up to. Can’t relate 🥳

elyistial - jesse 1 week ago

We edit and it takes HOURS or even DAYS. Whilst your here pretending like you can sing.

finnsweetheart - Pien 😳 She/Her 1 week ago

Saying editors are not putting effort in their edits aint it. We don’t put a few photos in an app and it makes the transitions it self! It fr takes a lot of effort but like fr a lot of time. For example my recent took me 9hours !! It’s not something easy to do- try do it yourself and don’t just say that’s we don’t put effort in it

amiicble - 𝐚𝐧𝐢 || 🦋💫 1 week ago

“effortless” i think you should re check the meaning of that word and like uh.. try again. we work hard, you should try it sometime 🙄🤚