He sold it at an auction for over $100,000. Somehow this man can make a profit out of anything. @officialwarrenbuffett officialwarrenbuffett Warren Buffett

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hr.k.g - Hamid Reza 1 week ago

If you have money, no matter how much, and you don't enjoy, or don't know how to enjoy, I strongly recommend go and get an appointment with the nearest sociologist ASAP

paarthlokhande - Paarth Lokhande 1 week ago

He drives it because if he drives any other cars the respective car brand will get marketing and their shares will get sold and price will get high. He only uses and shows the brands in which he has his stack. It all business minded actions nothing in this world is down to worth

evelynmarx.marx - Ava 1 week ago

As long as it is reliable and go see the world whi doesnt like to travel even if he wants to stay on a budget !

nikospeletie - Nikos Peletie 6 days ago

So what's the point of making money, if you don't give them to charities or if you don't spend them on yourself??? You can't take money with you after life..

akelah_beelove - Keys_ 1 week ago