Out here looking like our 2019...spectacular ⭐️ #rhodes #teamrhodes #family #wrestling #nightmarefamily #mrsnightmare #americannightmare @thebrandirhodes thebrandirhodes Brandi Rhodes

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sweeny1992 - Austin 5 months ago

I just have to ask how does @americannightmarecody decide which hair color to have for a wrestling event? Blonde or dark, Because they both look cool and it looks it would be difficult to decide

jvg1384 - 5 months ago

So awesome that Cody's eyes match you're outfit🔥🔥🔥

barker_21 - John B 5 months ago

Hey brandi slim chance you see this or even can but i was wondering if i sent out my funko box of @americannightmarecody with an xtra box/envelope and postage would he be willing to sign it for me i have his the bucks and kennys and it would mean the world to me to have an autograph . It would be the best christmas gift ever. I doubt you will even see this but hopefully you do and hopefully you can and if not i understand!