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farhad_habib12 - Farhad Habib 6 months ago

I never regretted getting involved with crypto no matter what other people have to say about it, Bitcoin mining saved I and my family from uttermost poverty, about $2645 from $500 investment, finally found and expert miner @bitcoin_binary_investment

sandra_scott1122 - Sandra Scott 6 months ago

Hello, My name Scott. Last 3 month I was Broke and in debt then I bumped into @peterson_wilson5 instagram's page and that changed my life forever.. He owns a mining farm with! over 2 million ASIC miners that mine at least 50 BTC daily. He has over 200 members getting up to $300 daily for a whole year. You can check his page @peterson_wilson5. He is a super nice rich man. And he is always ready to teach you how to grow wealth in any way possible.

cosmicrichy - Michael Rich 6 months ago

I highly disagree with the no multitasking point. Some jobs require that. And rest every 45min? What planet are you living on?

beztopia - BezTopia 6 months ago

Especially the phone and multitasking. I think many people are guilty of this one even more than the others

_inspired_james - J.Williams 6 months ago

Each day you sleep and you wake up, time flies, you're getting old and you haven't gotten the money or things you desire. The question you should constantly ask yourself is "HOW DO I BECOME A PERSON OF VALUE" have you thought of investing in crypto? Send me a message let's talk about it. Be a success by becoming an investor...