Just a DIFFERENT way of looking at your car.. Everything in life is either an asset📈, or a liability📉 You decide what you want more of in your life, because only YOU are responsible for that. Tag someone who should see this👇🏽👇🏽 • • • • • • • • • • • • #read #wisdom #investor #motivated #investing #invest #forex #trader #trading #business #workhard #books #motivationalquotes #entrepreneur #stocks #warrenbuffet #investment #billgates #hustle #stocks #wallstreet #follow #sidehustle #quotes #motivate #readbooks #readingadvice #startup #reading @thegrowinginvestor thegrowinginvestor Grow. Invest.

anthony_nicolet - Anthony Nicolet 1 week ago

Ok, I agree with the concept, no doubt, but: 1) no one pays a car loan every month for a life time. 2) I’m getting tired of the “12% average return”. You’ll be lucky if you get 5%. IF I’m wrong, then please, anyone, share where you get more returns.

gaganjarier - 1 week ago

Wait... Age 65? Then you passed away at 66? Hope you succes and enjoy the car in heaven..

jordansowens - Jordan 1 week ago

A car is not an asset. It is a necessity. This is useless advice unless you live in an Urban part of a major city—and then you have made a questionable financial decision given housing cost.

rubbertoess - Roberto 1 week ago

Yes but it depends where you live. You might be able to go without a car In NYC cause of subway. But you have other cities where transportation isn’t that easy. Therefore, people need a car regardless because you’re paying for time if you choose to take your cities public transportation system

wanderlust_tyger - Brennen 1 week ago

Felt like this was talking to me directly! My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland with all the bells and whistles including the hemi cost me just over 50k, or $875 a month for 5 years! And that’s at 0%APR. I LOVED THAT JEEP UNTIL JUST NOW

talalhumayun - Talal Humayun 1 week ago

Keep saving from 25 to 65 and die before 65 not to have any benefit from ur saving. Result : neither enjoy the car nor the saving. Have u ever thought this way ??

thegr80ne - Motivation 💚 Money 💰Health 🌱 1 week ago

Purchase a car 3-5 years old. Preferably 5 years because the average car loses over 60% of its value in that time span and then depreciates slowly thereafter. I would also recommend you buy the top trim model of a luxury brand car series. It would have all the specs of the newest cars coming out and with the average car on the road being 12 years old only car guys would know your car is 5 years old. Additionally, you have a greater chance of selling an old luxury model with minimal depreciation when you’re ready for a newer vehicle. Then, use the money from the sale for the next vehicle down payment! #GoForGreat #iAmGreatness Follow me at @thegr80ne for daily motivation and inspiration. 🤟🏾💪🏾