This is beautiful..❤️ Bill Gates is planning to give away almost EVERYTHING he has, and still is leaving $10 million to each of his kids😮 Tag a friend👇🏽👇🏽 • • • • • • • • • • • • #read #wisdom #investor #motivated #investing #invest #forex #trader #trading #business #workhard #books #motivationalquotes #entrepreneur #stocks #warrenbuffet #investment #billgates #hustle #stocks #wallstreet #follow #sidehustle #quotes #motivate #readbooks #readingadvice #startup #reading @thegrowinginvestor thegrowinginvestor Grow. Invest.

danihat7 - Marcela 1 week ago

Bill Gates is a con-artist using his money to create viruses in labs like the ebola and zika viruses... and he is financing parenthood abortions and the creation of poisonous vaccines to kill people or make them sterile. Bill Gates is carrying out the depopulation agenda called agenda 21 set up by the UN with the support and leadership of the Satanist ruling elite that is componed by the Freemasons, Zionists, Royals families of England and Saudi Arabia, and the Black Nobility and Jesuits (The Vatican Mafia). It is well documented on the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES that the satanist ruling elite plan to reduces the world population to 500 million people "to live in balance with nature" because according to them "there is overpopulation" so, they need to depopulate the world. Overpopulation is a big LIE spread by the satanist elite through the controlled educational system and mainstream media to make us believe that "there is a need to reduce the world population because according to them we are going to run out of natural resources." The 7 billion people in the world can fit in Texas, United States and every person or family can own a house with 1 acre. They tell us that the is "overpopulation" because the elite want all the natural resources for them in order they can have total power and control over humanity.  We live in crowded cities like we were cattle that live in closed ranches, and that makes us have a wrong perception that makes us falsely believe that there is "overpopulation", when there is so much land in the world that is unoccupied and we can use those lands to live or harvest. This is not a "Conspiracy theory" as many people think or say. Research about Agenda 21 and the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES if you want proofs about this awful agenda. We need to stop those evil motherfuckers.

lady_mama_faye - Faye Kolila Ezeh 1 week ago

As a child I would be happy with less. No point in having too much money if you cannot use the for good and helping others. It is great what he is doing!!!

salvadorrb - 1 week ago

Please not Planned Parenthood (Racist and Murdering Clinics) I'm Seriously concerned!!! I hope you read this...