Photography has taken me places I would never thought I’d get to see in person. I want to take my photography in a different direction towards journalism. Capturing the world as it is and the people that lives on this beautiful planet. Many have voices while others are left unheard. I want to help those that are being silenced and are left behind while some of us including myself are more fortunate than others. I realized that I cannot do this on my own and need help from my peers and supporters. I have posted a link in my bio pointing towards a gofundme that I have created in hopes to reach my goal towards my new career. If you have read this, thank you for your time. If you donated, thank you for your kindness. All donations will have some type of reward. • • • • #theimaged #rsa_outdoors #lifeofadventure #natureaddict #outdoorlife #keepitwild #milkywaychasers #wildernessculture #rsa_nature #gameoftones #optoutside #natgeo #nature #rei1440project #doyoutravel #beautifuldestinations #sonyportraits #nationalgeographic #sonyimages #landscape #yourshotphotography #litbylume #wanderlust #adventureseeker #bealpha #outdoortones #lumecube #horseshoebend #auragramz @trieuuuu trieuuuu Jonathan Trieu Nguyen

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iamsavannahlow - ☆ BARE EP Now Streaming! ☆ 2 weeks ago

Your art helps so many see parts of the world we didn't even know existed. You are heard and worthy and doing so much good for this world. Many will realize that the money they'd normally spend on their espresso fix today would be better allocated to investing in someone that enriches their lives with visual stimuli that allows them to jump out of the realm of their perception - even if for but a minute

lilmurrr - Lil' Murr 🌻 2 weeks ago

Journalism is beautiful ❤️ don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! There’s so much you can do with it and it teaches you skills you can take anywhere with you! Also you’re view on the world is different. For anyone with a curious mind and soul and always trying to find the truth, I recommend journalism. It’s also changing so much right now.